The Our Catholic Faith Program Workbook is a comprehensive and practical guide designed to deepen the reader's understanding and strengthen their relationship with God through the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.

This is the Leader's Edition of the workbook, which has all the answers to the topic questions. The program uses the book 100 Things Every Catholic Should Know.



Learn the Catholic Faith

The LEADER'S EDITION of the Our Catholic Faith Program Workbook is a complete guide for anyone who want to conduct a Study Group for people who want to learn what it is Catholics believe.

This workbook offers a clear and concise approach to the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church, presented in an easy-to-follow format that is perfect for both individuals and groups.

With a focus on practical application and real-life examples, this workbook is designed to help readers grow in their faith and develop a stronger relationship with God. From the sacraments and the liturgical calendar to prayer and social justice, the book covers all aspects of the Catholic faith and provides readers with the tools they need to live out their faith in today's world.

Whether you're a lifelong Catholic or a new convert, this workbook is an invaluable resource for deepening your understanding and strengthening your faith.

The workshop uses the book a 100 Things Every Catholic Should Know as the participants' primary reading material.

Full-color Workbook

Paperback Workbook
ISBN 13 979 83 546 0661 0
Publisher Kindlings Press
Publication Date September 25, 2022
Language English (American)
Size 8.27" x 11.69"
Pages 66 Full Color
Cover Full color, matte-finished

The Modules

  • Module 00: Getting to Know You
  • Module 01: Who and What is God
    • Lesson 01: Seeking God
    • Lesson 02: God's Perfections
    • Lesson 03: God's Self-Revelation
    • Lesson 04: The Triune God
    • Lesson 05: The Problem of Suffering
  • Module 02: Creation, the Fall, and the need for a Savior
    • Lesson 06: Understanding the Creation Story
    • Lesson 07: The Fall
    • Lesson 08: The Protoevangelium
  • Module 03: Jesus and what he taught
    • Lesson 09: Christology
    • Lesson 10: The Messiah
  • Module 04: The Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Christ
    • Lesson 11: According to Scripture
    • Lesson 12: Descent to the Realm of the Dead
    • Lesson 13: Resurrection and Ascencion
  • Module 05: The Church and why it matters
    • Lesson 14: An Institution and a Mission
    • Lesson 15: Metaphors of the Church
    • Lesson 16: Four Marks of the Church
    • Lesson 17: Founded on a Rock
  • Module 06: Grace, Sacraments, and the Real Presence
    • Lesson 18: Grace
    • Lesson 19: The Sacraments
  • Module 07: Faith, Scripture, The Ten Commandments, and Sin
    • Lesson 20: The Deposit of Faith
    • Lesson 21: The Ten Commandments
    • Lesson 22: Sin, Mortal and Venial
  • Module 08: The Four Last Things
    • Lesson 23: Particular Judgment & Purgatory
    • Lesson 24: The Last Judgment
    • Lesson 25: Heaven and Hell
  • Module 09: Mary: Our Tainted Nature's Solitary Boast
    • Lesson 26: Prefigured in the Old Testament
    • Lesson 27: Mother of God
    • Lesson 28: Assumption & Coronation
  • Module 10: Prayer, Saints, and Guardian Angels
    • Lesson 29: Prayer
    • Lesson 30: Saints
    • Lesson 31: Guardian Angels
  • Workshop:  Wrap Up
    • Lesson 32: Synthesis
    • Lesson 33: Resolutions
  • Appendix:   Answers to Topic Questions



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